Town of Slave Lake Council notebook

Dec. 19, 2017 meeting
Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Excellent interviews

CAO Brian Vance informed council the hiring process for two vacant management positions was going well.
“We’ve had excellent interviews for manager of facilities and parks,” he said.
Interviews for the director of community services position were going on as well – four down and more to go.


Vance said the operations team had been out sanding intersections beyond what’s called for in the town’s policy. It had to be done, he said, because, “It’s treacherous out there.”

FireSmart principles

Council gave second and third readings to a new version of the Municipal Development Plan that incorporates FireSmart principles It includes such things as reducing wildfire risk in new subdivisions by how they are designed and making recommendations on building materials.
In her written report, planning and development officer Vanessa Asselin said her initial research showed that Slave Lake was the only municipality in the province taking such steps. Since then, Canmore has started a similar process.

Re-zoning approval

Council also approved the re-zoning of a lot in the northeast industrial area, from M4 – Small Holders Industrial District, to M1 – Light Industrial District. The owner of the property wants to do things on it that are not permitted under the M4.
“It has a very limited list of permitted uses,” said Direct of Planning and Development Laurie Skrynyk.
The applicant was Urchyshyn Contracting and the location is 320 Balsam Rd. NE.

Only a foot up the mountain

Describing the challenges of operating the Legacy Centre as “a mountain,” mayor Tyler Warman went on to say there’s been progress, recently, in negotiating a new arrangement with the Elks Club, but “we’re only a foot up the mountain.”
The gist of it is that the burden is too big for the Elks to carry and they want a reduced role. Warman said that means the Legacy corporation will “start to work on a plan where we’ll deal with the operational side and expense.”

A good year

“I think it was a good year,” said Warman, summing up. “We accomplished a lot of stuff.”
He mentioned improvements to water and sewer systems and the Legacy Centre, “as difficult as it is, is a fantastic facility.”
Warman then thanked his colleagues for working so well together as a team, for the right reasons.
“I appreciate your support and hard work,” he said.

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