Town sets new rates per the CPI

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

A two per cent increase in the cost of certain town services was before council for approval on Feb. 20. This was to keep pace with the Consumer Price Index, council heard.
However, when it comes to cemetery fees, councillor Julie Brandle had an issue with it.

“Didn’t we do cemetery and mapping six months ago?” she asked.
More like four months ago, said mayor Warman.

CAO Brian Vance said that had been more in the way of entire revamp of the cemetery fee regime due to the new cemetery coming on stream. This, he said, is the annual fee review, which comes up this time of year as part of the budget process.

Included in the fee increases is rental of town equipment. How often do we actually do that? asked Warman. Seldom, he was told.

Costs go up, Vance noted, and have to be recouped one way or another.
Noting that the increases will have “very little impact,” Warman said he could go either way on them. However, he and all his colleagues voted to approve the increases.

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