Town to crack down on traffic violators at local school

Leader staff

Turning left across a solid yellow line to get into the unloading zone at CJ Schurter School is a pretty popular thing to do. However, it’s illegal and unsafe. And as of May 15, people doing it will get tickets.
“We have had several near misses this year,” says RCMP Staff Sgt. Chris Murphy. “We want to create a safer environment before something serious happens.”
Responding to complaints about those near misses, town bylaw officers have been delivering warnings and explanations in recent weeks to the left-turners at CJ Schurter. Not surprisingly, most pleaded ignorance.
“Naturally we would likely assume that turning left of centre is legal because there is no signage and no visual solid line,” says Slave Lake Senior Peace Officer Mark Becker. “That is just not the case – and starting May 15 we will be issuing tickets.”
To reduce confusion, the town plans to have the solid lines painted on the streets in front of both Schurter and EG Wahlstrom Schools. There are also plans to put up signs.
The fine for an offense is $233, plus three demerit points.

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