Town will seek community input on downtown sign design

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

It appears the backlash over the new logo has Town of Slave Lake council taking notice.

At the September 12, 2022 council meeting, a minor sentence in a report got a lot of discussion.

Under downtown revitalization the Capital Projects Update Report includes, “the centre sign is in the final design stage.”

Councillor Shawn Gramlich asked what the process had been, and if there was any way that the public could be involved?

Administration looked at what used to be there and made some design options, said Kush Patel, Project Manager.

Councillor Francesca Ward agreed. She asked for an open call to the public to submit design ideas, maybe as a contest.

Councillor Kimberly Hughes agreed, describing the idea “as a fun way to get the community involved.”

“Our roll out of the logo could have been better explained,” said mayor Tyler Warman. Adding he looked forward to having the public more involved.

Council also urged that the public be given a chance to vote on a short list of contestant entries.

“Let’s see what the town has to come up with,” said councillor Francesca Ward.

Councillor Julie Brandle also spoke up in favour of the idea. No council member spoke against it.

The community engagement will likely extend the construction of the art piece until spring. The previous plan by administration was to have it put in by the end of October.

Mayor Warman was okay with the delay, saying it was better to do it right.

The downtown revitalization project started in 2021. It includes the new concrete surface at Rennie Hall Plaza downtown, which was finished just prior to the All-In Slave Lake weekend at the end of August. New trees and other plants were also planted.

Boulders were expected to be added ‘next week’, says the report. This likely refers to the week of Sept. 19 to 23. The information kiosk was being built. The area south 3rd Ave. on Main St. was expected to be complete in two weeks. The extension of the east sidewalk may be deferred until 2023.

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