Trauma specialist helping families, individuals in Slave Lake

Art and play therapy offered locally

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

The Leader had the opportunity to learn about play therapy last week during an interview with Candice Brown, a local psychotherapist here in Slave Lake.
“Play therapy allows children to work through trauma in their own language,” she says.
Brown has a master’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy, a bachelor’s degree in education and is a certified trauma specialist.
“I do individual counselling along with couples, families, children and youth,” says Brown. “I’ve been at this location just over a year.”
The ‘location’ Brown refers to is her Main Street office, which is right inside the Potpourri Mall.
“Moving here (Slave Lake) was supposed just to be temporary, but here I am nine years later,” Brown chuckles.
Brown’s services include going to schools and businesses where counselling services is needed.
“I go anywhere that needs help with trauma recovery,” she says. “I do presentations and speak with employees and the kids.”
Speaking of recovering from trauma, Brown says she helped many families overcome anxiety related to the 2011 wildfire.
“The moms and children came first,” she said. “I noticed that the dads didn’t come until around two years later.”
As mentioned above, Brown has an extensive educational background when it comes to therapy and teaching.
“I would say I had been in school for around six and a half years,” she says. “But I’m always learning! I just signed up for a course and will be getting my level three certification in play therapy soon. I always want to be up to date on the scientific knowledge out there.”
Brown adds, “I’ve attended international and national conferences and have been featured in journals, publications and have a chapter in a book.”
The costs of Brown’s services vary depending on which type of coverage clients have.
“I have a sliding scale system and do a lot of pro bono work,” she says.

Harbour, the resident therapy pooch at Brown’s office, lends a helping paw to comfort clients dealing with depression and anxiety.

This is one section of Brown’s play area for kids and youths to use during sessions.


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