Tribute to the Bronco team

To the Editor:

It was so tragic to watch the news on TV on April 7 to hear of the Bronco hockey team and coaches. What a sad blow to us all. My sympathy to the Slave Lake people, the high school and the Lukan families. God bless you all.

When I think of the Bronco team
I start to frown
they are the ones
from Humboldt town

They were so handsome
that the town had ever seen
and wearing their Jerseys
white and with green

They learned to skate
and they learned to score
doing their team wonders
who could ask for more

The people were happy
and jumped for joy
for they were now adults
once their darling boy

They were excited
as they looked ahead
to become NHL players
but something happened we did dread

So don’t worry about us
for what you can do
pray and hug together
cause we’ll look down smiling at you

Veronica Lunn
Grande Prairie, AB

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