Triskle era underway at Timberland Home Hardware

Gord Fortin
Lakeside Leader

The Timberland Home Hardware Building Centre has a new manager in Terry Triskle.
Triskle came to Slave Lake from Woodland Home Building Centre in Fairview, AB, where he was the manager. It is also a Home Hardware store. He got to town on Sept. 18, 2017.
The opportunity arose when the former manager of Timberland decided to retire. Triskle was asked by the company if he would consider taking over the Slave Lake store. He says he liked the idea of moving here as the town is right on Lesser Slave Lake. He enjoys both boating and fishing and Fairview did not offer him those recreational activities.
“I thought it was a good opportunity to get closer to the lake and possibly have a fresh start from Fairview,” he says.
Although the leisure opportunities on the lake was what sold him on the move, he has not had a chance to spend much time on the lake yet. He has spent some time at the Slake Lake Royal Canadian Legion playing darts and doing some volunteer work organizing Christmas parties. He has planned to go downtown and meet with other business owners but he has not have time to do that yet either. Managing the store has taken up most of his time.
Triskle says learning the dynamics of the store, learning about the people that work for him and getting to know the community have been the top priorities.
As for the transition from Fairview’s store, Triskle explains that there was some difficulty learning the new store’s computer system. It operated in a way that he was not used to. He feels he has this under control now.
Another challenge was getting to know new products that he had no experience with in his previous store. The Fairview store was just a building centre and thus didn’t sell some of the items that the Slave Lake store does. Triskle says these items include cookware and patio furniture.
Other than that, Triskle says he did not face any major challenges in the transition.
Trickle feels Timberland is doing well. There may be some days where it is not as busy as others but business seems to be picking up since he came in.
The new manager does have plans for future expansion. Triskle is looking at different areas of the store to broaden and hopefully attract more business. He explains that this would mean bringing in more products to sell in a particular department. The items could be more versatile and not sold at Timberland before.
Triskle is not at a point in his plan where he would know what he would be bringing in. He calls this stage “observation mode,” where he is still scouting out products and talking to customers to gauge what they want or are looking for.
Feedback is always welcome. Triskle wants people to come in and visit and give their opinion on the store and the products they are selling. Any feedback would go a long way in helping him move his plans forward.
Triskle, who is originally from Dryden, Ont., moved to Fairview in 2003. He decided to move there after visiting the region previously. He has been part of the Home Hardware family since 2012, when the Fairview store was purchased by Home Hardware. Previously to that it was owned by Woodland Building Products.

Terry Triskle, new manager of Timberland Home Hardware in Slave Lake.

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