Twenty-plus goals for both regular and female U18 hockey teams

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

Both the U18 regular and female Slave Lake Thunder hockey teams won a game by over 20 points during the first week of play.

Pre-season hockey is underway with all Slave Lake Thunder minor hockey teams having played at least once. This season, Slave Lake has one regular U18 team and a female one, two U15 and U13, three U11, and multiple U9 and U7 teams.

All except the U18 female are part of the North Eastern Alberta Hockey League for this first time this year. The female team remains part of the All Peace Hockey League. The leagues’ websites has results from U11 to U18.

On Oct. 14, U18 traveled to Athabasca. Thunder goalie Andrei Angelescu had a shutout game against Athabasca. Slave Lake won 15 to 0.

The U18 #1 Thunder continued to dominate in a home game on Oct. 15, wining 24 to 1.

Slave Lake goalie Grady Beauchamp only let in one goal in the first period. Then nothing the rest of the game. His teammates were on a role scoring 24 points – six in the first, 13 in the second, and five in the third.

After two games, Kolby Courtorielle is the U18’s leading scorer with nine goals – three against Athabasca and six against Boyle. Liam Dierker is second with six goals – four against Athabasca and two against Boyle. Blake Bellerose is third with three goals – one against Athabasca and two against Boyle.

U18 female
The U18 female Thunder started their season a week earlier than the other teams. They have played three away games, winning two and losing one.

On Oct. 7, they trounced Grimshaw 23 to 1.

On Oct. 14, the tables were turned, but more closely matched. The Thunder lost 7 to 2 to Grande Prairie.

On Oct. 15, they beat High Prairie 11 to 0.

After three games, Jorgia Green is the top player with 11 goals – five against Grimshaw and six against High Prairie. Tayla Warman is second with six goals – four against Grimshaw and two against High Prairie. Maddison Green is third with five goals – two each against Grimshaw and Grande Prairie and one against High Prairie.

The U15 Thunder teams each played once. U15 #1 won and U15 #2 lost.

U15 #1 hosted Wabasca on Oct. 14. They won 12 to 2.

On Oct. 15, U15 #2 went to Athabasca. They lost 8 to 1 to Athabasca.

After one game, the U15 #1 top player was Dane Dierker with one goal and four assists.

Both U13 Thunder teams, won one and lost one.

In Slave Lake on Oct. 14, U13 #1 lost 3 to 2 to Edson. In Athabasca on Oct. 15, the Thunder beat Athabasca 6 to 3.

The U13 #2 had two home games. On Oct. 13, they lost to Athabasca 4 to 2. On Oct. 14, they beat Pembina 10 to 5.

After two games, the U13 #1 top player is Drake Conrad with one goal and two assists.

Slave Lake has three U11 teams. All three played in Whitecourt and another game.

The U11 #1 played one home and one away game, winning both. In Whitecourt, they won 14 to 4 against Whitecourt. They beat Edson 7 to 6 in a home game.

The U11 #2 played twice Oct. 14 against Mayerthorpe in Slave Lake and Oct. 15 against Whitecourt in an away game. Results were not the by presstime.

U11 #3 beat Whitecourt 7 to 3 in Whitecourt on Oct. 14. They tangled with the CR Knights on Oct. 15, but results weren’t available.

Slave Lake U13 #2 Thunder players try to get the puck from Pembina Pirate defencemen on October 14 in Slave Lake. That weekend was the first for first minor hockey pre-season games for the regular league and second for U18 female hockey team. The U13 #2 Thunder beat the Pirates 10 to 5.

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