Two of Slave Lake’s real estate firms joining forces

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Two of Slave Lake’s real estate firms are teaming up. As of Dec. 1, all the Royal LePage people will move over to the RE/MAX downtown location, but it won’t be called that anymore.

“I am buying RE/MAX,” says Royal LePage owner Julie Brandle.

The merged operation will carry the Royal LePage name, with the new sign due to be erected this Thursday.

The new firm will have 14 realtors, Brandle says, with no reduction in staff anticipated.

The idea for a takeover came up about a year ago, in casual conversation. RE/MAX owner Steve Adams says he brought it up – suggesting that Brandle sell to him.

It wasn’t taken very seriously at first, both of them say. But Brandle says she started thinking about it, and at some point made a counter-proposal: “Why don’t you sell to me?”

Back and forth it went like that for a few months.

Brandle says with both she and Adams being what she calls “selling owners,” – not to mention both also having town council duties – the job was getting a bit onerous. Under the new arrangement, Adams will manage the office, leaving Brandle free to continue selling properties, as well as being the owner.

“She made a strong offer,” Adams says. “She sold me on the whole teamwork piece.”

As for the location, it’s apparently roomier than the current LePage office on 6th Ave. SE, although it might not look it.

“All the agents are pretty excited about it,” Adams says.

Brandle says once vacated, the former LePage building on 6th Ave. SE will be put up for sale or be available for rent.

Times have been pretty good in the real estate business in the area. Surprising everybody, the residential market got red hot during the COVID pandemic. It’s slowed down some, but the commercial side is picking up, Brandle says.

“The market dictates what will happen,” she says.

Look for the Royal LePage sign to be going up here any day now.
The Royal LePage office on 6th Ave. SE will be available for sale or rent.

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