Understandable anger

There’s something perverse about business executives getting huge bonuses just after they’ve laid off thousands of employees. It rubs people the wrong way like not much else.
One of the grosser examples of it happened recently with Bombardier, the Quebec manufacturer that has enjoyed billions in government support, while chopping jobs and lavishing compensation on its top brass. There are probably sound business justifications for all of it. But it makes regular folks see red and it’s easy to understand why.
An even more repugnant example is the bonuses some of those Wall Street fat cats got after the 2008 crash in their industry. Okay, those bonuses were contractually obligated, and if things were rolling along as usual, nobody would have known about it or cared much if they did. But in the wake of the collapse and the obscene risk-taking with other people’s money it revealed – it was bound to create a reaction. The whole ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement happened because of that.

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