Unfriendly trend

Nobody can say for sure what sort of a world we are creating for the future. But for now it seems highly likely it’s going to be one with a lot of drugs, addiction, crime and homelessness in it. Those things appear to be trending upward, pretty much everywhere.

Along with all that comes higher costs – at least in jurisdictions that have governments that feel the need to do something about such things – and higher taxes.

It is a fairly gloomy outlook.

One consequence of this picture will likely be more people who can afford it relocating out of towns and cities to more rural situations, where they feel safer. This of course has been going on for decades. There’s every reason to think it will keep happening and perhaps accelerate.

So….to speculate on this thing a bit more….the better off residents of Slave Lake will move out of town, meaning, for one thing, more commuters on the highways. More tax revenue for the M.D. too, and less for the town. More demand in town for lower-cost housing. It’s not hard to imagine if this trend continues, the town’s tax base shrinking (with no corresponding decrease in costs), towns like Slave Lake eventually handing over the keys to the rural municipality and saying…. ‘it’s all yours!’ This is in effect what already happened with Fort McMurray, which is no longer a city, but part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The Town of Swan Hills has come close to doing the same thing, but it was staved off by the surrounding county agreeing to pay it a million dollars a year, or some such deal.

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