Upcoming event: Rally Against Systematic Racism

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Tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 14, a ‘Rally Against Systematic Racism’ is planned in Slave Lake.

According to a post on Facebook that appeared on Nov. 13, “We will meet at town hall in Slave Lake, beside Scotia Bank and Public Library, and we will be marching up Main Street and back to Town Hall. Bring your own hand sanitizer and masks for COVID safety measures We will have some on hand if needed.”

The post also urges participants to bring signs protesting harsh words spoken about Slave Lake’s homeless people in a town council meeting in September.

The event is scheduled for 2 to 5 p.m.

Rallies and protests are nothing new in Slave Lake. For example, on June 20, there was a ‘Walk for Peace & Equality’.

A file photo from a Peace and Equality rally in Slave Lake in summer 2020.

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One thought on “Upcoming event: Rally Against Systematic Racism

  1. Should this not be “systemic” instead of “systematic?”

    “Systematic – 1. having, showing or involving a system, method or plan 2. given to or using a system or method 3. arranged in or comprising an ordered system…. and more”

    “Systemic – 1. of or relating to a system. especially when affecting the entirety of a thing 2. relating to or noting a policy, practice, or set of beliefs that has been established as normative or customary throughout a political, social, or economic system”

    examples systemic inequality. systemic racism

    — from dictionary.com


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