Viersen: A Scheer government will champion Energy East Pipeline

To the Editor:

With the recent breakdown of diplomatic and trade relations with Saudi Arabia, Canada’s Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer renewed his call for the revival of the Energy East pipeline.

He says with a project like Energy East, we can displace foreign oil, create jobs here in Canada, and get a step closer to being self-sufficient as a country when it comes to energy.

We’ve seen Justin Trudeau go around the world apologizing for Canada’s natural resources and apologizing for the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of families that depend on the oil and gas sector. He goes to Europe and he says he’s working on phasing it out altogether. A Conservative government will champion those types of products. Canadians want to buy Canadian energy; they don’t want to buy oil from Algeria, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

We will do everything we can to revive the Energy East program to bring western energy to eastern Canadian markets so we can get off of foreign oil and create jobs.

It was Liberal regulations that led to the demise of Energy East and he highlighted the national benefit of the renewal of the project.

Many Canadians are still unaware of how much foreign oil is in their gas tank. It’s ridiculous that, despite the oil reserves we have, Canada remains so dependent on foreign oil.

Let’s not forget that it was Prime Minister Trudeau who introduced new regulations for Canadian energy projects, forcing Canadian oil companies to comply with standards that are not required for foreign companies in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. That’s what killed Energy East.

Canada’s Conservatives will keep fighting for resource development, and the jobs and opportunity it creates in communities all over Canada. A project like Energy East would benefit all of Canada. Resources extracted in Alberta would be sent east to be refined in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Canada’s oilfield workers need a champion and that champion is Andrew Scheer.

Arnold Viersen, MP
Peace River – Westlock

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