Viersen slams Throne Speech

‘Offers little to fight inflation and restore jobs’

Leader staff

Peace River-Westlock MP Arnold Viersen is not impressed with the Trudeau government’s recent Speech from the Throne.

“With nothing new, it will only increase current problems,” Viersen predicted in a Nov. 23 news release.

“Canadians are already facing the consequences of record levels of inflation due to Prime Minister Trudeau’s spending and economic policies,” he said. “With Canada’s inflation rate at its highest point since 2003, families across Peace River – Westlock are struggling to keep up with rising costs of food, fuel, and home heating. Today’s speech makes it clear that the Liberals’ plan is to ‘go further, faster’.”

What he means by that, Viersen went on to explain.

The government plans to go further into debt, faster, he said, which will aggravate inflation.

  • Further, faster to drive up federal debt and inflation
  • Further, faster to phase out the oil fields
  • Further, faster to censor Canadians & impose Liberal values, and
  • Further, faster to increase division amongst Canadians.

“Canadians want a government that will take bold steps to rein in spending, fight inflation and stimulate economic recovery. The world is looking for Canadian energy and President Biden is desperate to reduce gas prices. Trudeau could have taken this opportunity push for Keystone XL – but he didn’t.

“Canada’s Conservatives believe in policies that will allow (us to) stand up for our world-leading oil and gas sector and the Canadian economy to grow with paychecks, not debt.”

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