Visiting musicians get a chance to see the highlights of the area

Panczak back to play Slave Lake on Dec. 3

Len Ramsey
For the Lakeside Leader

When celebrities come to town, you like to show them the highlights of the area. Sometimes it means taking them on a visit to the lake or directing them to the Bird Observatory. Stage North likes to give tips to visiting musicians – it can just be a simple suggestion for a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, or gym.
And every now and then, they get to visit a local highlight. Not long ago country singer Trevor Panczak and his band performed at a local wedding. Bride Jaymee (Tanasiuk) van Oorspronk says he’s a very entertaining performer whose passion and love for music shines through in his songs and through his stage presence.
“He played at my wedding and made the night special with a variety of songs.”
And guess where that wedding was? Kinuso!
Stage North contract manager Stacy Kirtio provided Trevor and band with a comprehensive tour, hitting up all the highlights including the grain elevator and Main Street.
And Trevor is not the first musician to see the highlights of Kinuso. Duane Steel tells us that on a camping trip to our area he even bought a pair of jeans at Kinuso Mercantile!
Join Jaymee and Stage North as they welcome Trevor back for another show, December 3 at the Slave Lake Legacy Centre. She’s definitely buying tickets and so should you! Trip to Kinuso not included!

Trevor Panczak helps Jaymee van Oorspronk celebrate her wedding.

Trevor Panczak and band in Kinuso

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