Volunteers from Ontario transforming SL Wesleyan Church

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Big things are happening at the Slave Lake Wesleyan Church in the renovation line, thanks to some charitable work by a couple from Brockville Ontario.
“It’s a mission trip,” explains Dona Meyer, who drove all the way out to Slave Lake last month with her husband Harry to help Pastor Peggy Yetman spruce up the local church. “To help the church because they didn’t have the funds to do repairs.”
Harry is a building contractor from Belleville, where the couple are members of a local Wesleyan congregation. Dona says he is now semi-retired, and when they heard about the need in Slave Lake, they said, ‘Okay!’
On a visit last week, the place was looking very spiffy, with the aroma of fresh paint in the air, new trim, new flooring, new this, fresh that all around.
“Every day is like Christmas,” says Yetman, “coming in here and seeing what they’ve done.”
The church consists of three parts – the sanctuary, the basement and what Yetman calls the ‘Upper Room.’ The lower and upper parts had become more or less storage areas, full of stuff that somebody once thought was important, but hadn’t been doing much for years but gathering dust. Sorting through that and getting rid of lots of it has been part of the current project.
“We’ve taken six truckloads of stuff out of there,” Yetman says.
As a result, there is now a lot of usable space and the plan is to use it. Downstairs a kitchen area is refurbished. Another room is being fixed up as a children’s play area. The loft, formerly filled with junk/treasure is being fitted up as a meeting room. Yetman hopes to make it available for community groups to use.
“It can be a multi-purpose community room,” she says. “Free of charge when they have a need for it. The room is not going to be large, but certainly big enough for a small group meeting.”
Further support from the Brockville Wesleyan Church is coming in August, in the form of a 12-member mission team.
“To do things like block parties,” Yetman says. “Meet the people in the neighbourhood.”
The Slave Lake Wesleyan Church is located at 321 5th St. NW.

Volunteers from Brockville Ontario on the job: Harry and Dona Meyer, left, with Pastor Peggy Yetman at the Slave Lake Wesleyan Church.


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