Wagner Landfill back to normal – mostly – this week

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Users of the landfill at Wagner lately have found it operating a bit differently.

For example: ‘You’ll have to hang onto that microwave oven. We’re not taking those right now.’

And: ‘Paint? We’re not taking that.’

And: ‘The Take It Or Leave It’ is closed due to COVID.’

But that all ended last week, according to Barry Kolenosky of the M.D. of Lesser Slave River.

“We’ll be doing everything we did before,” he said (on May 5). “The only change is how it’s handled.”

For example?

“Some items will have to come in separate bags,” he said.

An example of that is tin cans. The approved method now will be in bags rather than loose, so as to cut down on the COVID risk.

Another change along the same lines is with plastic. Except for bags, plastic should all be dropped off in bags, not sorted.

And glass?

“There’s no market for glass,” Kolenosky says. No market and therefore no recycling.

One further change the M.D. is looking at is extended hours. Lately so many people have been coming to drop stuff off it has created a bottleneck.

In related news, the Town of Slave Lake will not be holding its annual ‘toxic round-up’ this summer, due to low participation in recent years. As for the M.D., “stay tuned,” says Kolenosky.

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