Wake me up when we get to Calgary

How about that Tesla car driver who decided to put his car on automatic and have a nap while cruising down the QEII south of Edmonton at 140 kilometres per hour? When the police turned on their lights and siren, the car automatically accelerated to 150 kph! The news release doesn’t say so, but the guy must have eventually woken up and pulled the car over. Or did the car come to its senses and decide on its own to stop? The car’s weird response to the lights and sirens is not explained, though it is referred to, rather obliquely, in a quote from Gary Graham of RCMP Traffic Services; something about “supplemental safety systems.”

The good news is nobody got hurt, although the fine the driver is likely to be slapped with will sting a bit.

So the message is that taking a nap while driving in Alberta is not allowed, at least for the time being. It could be a sign of things to come, though.

‘I’m tired. Should I pull over, or should I put it on automatic and stretch out for 40 winks?’ It sounds like something out of Jules Verne, or maybe Philip K. Dick. Brave New World. Welcome to the future.

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