Water line break isolated, being investigated

The latest on the water line break near the Slave Lake airport on April 21 is that it was, in fact, a result of construction on a new waterline being installed in the area. According to the Town of Slave Lake Project Manager Doug Baird, it was “the result of our pipeline contractor contacting an existing underground waterline that was not shown on our construction drawings or on our master set of water distribution system drawings, which were used as a basis for design of the new raw water pipeline project. The line that was contacted has been isolated and all water in the area is still being supplied from another direction as the area has a loop that is fed from two directions.”
Repair on the damaged line is due to start this week, Baird says.
“We are also investigating why the existing line that was contacted was not shown on the town’s master water distribution system drawings.

Pipeline excavation near the water treatment plant.

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