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The Leader’s online questionnaire


Day 1
“Where is your favourite place to camp? Why?”

Answers included places near and far. Nearby were North Country Fair, Smith, Marten River Campground, Big Fish Bay, Flatbush, Lily Creek, and Canyon Creek.

One of the votes for North Country Fair says “because of the beauty of nature when it is respected by wonderful people.”

North County Fair, Lily Creek, and Flatbush for different reasons says one reader.

“North County Fair doesn’t get any better than food, family, great music and an amazing atmosphere!

“Lily Creek (in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park) for group camping, secluded area with nice walking paths.

“Flatbush, we have a family reunion here every year.”

Two people said Big Fish Bay in Slave Lake.

One reason was “it’s in town (which is fantastic if you’re klutzy and forgetful like me) but once you’re in there, you’d never know! They take really good care of it too.”

“Canyon Creek, great marina for the boat”

Other people mentioned places in Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, British Columbia, Oregon, New Brunswick, and Ontario.

Day 2
“Do you prefer tenting, RVing, backpacking, staying in a cabin, or other? Why?”

With 28 votes, the majority of people chose RVing. Two also added the option of “RVing with full hookups.”

Staying in a cabin was second with 14 votes.

Three people said tenting.

One said backpacking.

Two chose ‘other.’

One was, “I stay on my old 1979 International converted bus now that my old bones find sleeping close to the ground painful. I used to much prefer tenting, because you can hike in to awesome places where roads don’t go …”

The other was “enjoyed doing them all but the past three times I went tenting my allergies were really bad and I ended up in the hospital. We don’t tent anymore.”

Day 3
“What is your least favourite form of camping? Why?”

One answer was “all camping is good camping. Especially in Canada’s wonderful provincial parks. Anyone who disagrees should just stay home and be quiet.”

Backpacking received the most votes with 12, but tenting was right behind it with 11.

“Tenting because of bad allergies and my body is getting old lol” was a reason given.

Seven people chose RVing.

One chose staying in a cabin.

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