We will end up being taxed to pay off the Debt Monster

To the Editor:

In the pages of our Lakeside Leader over the last few weeks, we have seen our MLA Larivee going around the area handing out money like it grew on a tree, or talking about spending by a provincial NDP government that is essentially broke.

The talk is about maintaining services, but services are no better than they were when our NDP government got elected in 2015 and we have added over $40 billion in debt to the province’s finances.

Since the NDP got in(to) power, our provincial credit rating has been lowered twice by the banks in North America. Yet Joe Ceci, our Finance Minister (is) just keeping the debt wheels rolling by borrowing more and more. Poor Joe has lost total control of provincial spending.

This probably explains why (he) hides in Calgary most of the time and never talks about finances in public. In the NDP caucus, no one wants his job. So he will keep it till doomsday.

Lower credit ratings on our debt are bad for Albertans. It means interest on our debt goes up, so we taxpayers pay more to service that debt.

It means that all provincial agencies and municipal governments have – almost certainly – their money-borrowing costing more, as they are under Alberta’s umbrella.

The way our Money/Power/Mammon (i.e. bankers) treated Joe Ceci last time they met with him to talk finances shows they have no respect for him at all.

Too bad, as (Premier Notley) gave him an impossible job with that portfolio.

We here are in trouble. Rich people and Brother Oil can leave Alberta; the middle and working classes cannot, so they will be taxed to pay off the Debt Monster.

Pax requiem Alberta….

Brian Pitcairn
Slave Lake

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