Weekly COVID: First Lesser Slave death

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

A COVID-19 death has been added to the M.D. of Lesser Slave River (which includes Slave Lake) on the regional map.

Local AHS were not aware of this case, but are investigating, says Town of Slave Lake Mayor Tyler Warman. A central office in Edmonton updates the map, so local AHS workers aren’t always informed. Also, he spoke with the person in charge of the clinical side of the North Zone. They have no outbreak or other concerns about Lesser Slave River. 

The deceased was a woman in her 50s. She may lived in the M.D., Slave Lake, Sawridge First Nation, Smith, Hondo, Chisholm, Flatbush, Marten Beach, Wagner, Widewater, Canyon Creek, or Assineau.

The woman’s death was recorded in Lesser Slave, but neither the Reeve of Lesser Slave River or the Mayor of Slave Lake were informed that someone had died from COVID-19 in the region. However, local governments aren’t always informed.

In the past, the COVID-19 regional numbers have fluctuated because an individual’s address was entered incorrectly or their ID had the wrong address. 

North Zone deaths

COVID-19 deaths in the AHS North Zone. This massive region: from Jasper to Athabasca to Cold Lake and north to the Northwest Territories border.

The AHS is a massive region: from Jasper to Athabasca to Cold Lake and north to the Northwest Territories border.

The woman who died on or before Sept. 18 was the third person in their 50s to die from COVID-19 in the North Zone. All three deaths were recorded in September. Earlier, the majority of North Zone deaths were people in their 70s or 80s.

New cases and recoveries

From Sept. 11 to 18, Lesser Slave River and the M.D. of Opportunity COVID numbers changed.

Over the weekend (Sept. 11 to 13), one person recovered in Opportunity. On Sept. 15, the final three active cases in Opportunity recovered. In Lesser Slave, three people recovered from COVID-19.

However, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, Lesser Slave had one new case each day. As of Friday, its total was 14 – three active, 10 recovered, and one died.


Nearby active cases (as of Sept. 18): Lesser Slave (three active – new: two active and one died), Northern Sunrise County (three – all new) and Athabasca County (one). Opportunity (zero), Big Lakes County (zero), Westlock County (zero) and Woodlands County (zero). 

The AHS North Zone COVID-19 curve. The top line is total cases. The red line is total deaths. It is increasing much slower than the number of cases, which continue to rise.

*Data source: On weekdays, the Alberta government updates a map which identifies COVID-19 cases by region. Municipalities include towns, Metis settlements, and first nations with populations under 10,000. Data with age range and date that the case was reported are also updated. By comparing previous data with the most recent data, the age and date reported can be identified.

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