What are your top five things to see?

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

The Slave Lake Region Tourism Society wants to get residents’ views on the “Top 5 things to do and the Top 5 things to see” in the region.
Helene Klassen, the Regional Tourism and Economic Development supervisor of the Regional Tourism Society has found out that many in the region have not been to some of the more popular areas around Slave Lake or participated in activities. The idea is the survey would help people get engaged in activities and sights that are available.
“Once we’ve compiled the data from this survey, says Klassen, “we will go back to the community, via social media, and ask that they [residents] rank the Top 5 things to do and the Top 5 things to see.”
The Tourism Society is also thinking about holding a passport challenge this summer. Residents would record doing /seeing those top 10 things and enter into a draw. Klassen says details of the challenge, including the prize, will be communicated a little later.
In an additional effort to engage the community, the Tourism Society has planned a ‘familiarization tour’ in May.
Familiarization tours, or ‘fam’ tours as they are sometimes called, are designed to train front-line staff – at hotels and restaurants for example – as ‘tourism ambassadors.’ That way, when asked by visitors what there is to do around here, the tourism ambassadors will have the answers and highlight what the region has to offer. They will take a bus tour, highlighting areas in and around Slave Lake.
The participants’ day will begin with an information session to go over the regional tourism map, highlighting various points of interest throughout the region.
“Hopping onto a bus, we will head up North on Highway 88,” Klassen says. “In addition to many of these stops, groups will be provided tours by people who either work at or manage the areas.”
Areas for the ambassadors to experience will include Marten River Campground, Lesser Slave Bird Observatory and the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation, Devonshire Beach and Gilwood Golf Club. Other areas include boat launches/marinas, and cabins and campgrounds. Klassen says the tour will also stop at some of the in-town facilities, such as the Multi-Rec Centre, Northern Lights Aquatic Centre, and Schurter Park.
“We know these are not all that our region has to offer, but it is a start. Exciting things are happening, and we hope you will want to participate by becoming a member of the Slave Lake Region Tourism Society.”
For more information call Klassen at 780-805-6943 or email [email protected]

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