What if you called for help and no one came….?

To the Editor:

What if you called 911 for help and no one came to help you with a car accident, a fire, flooding or a lost family member?
Because of where we choose to live, we do not have full-time firefighters sitting at the fire hall as they do in the big cities. Ours are volunteers. They are dads, moms, mechanics, welders, health professionals, government workers, shift workers, farmers, electricians, and business owners, who have graciously stepped up and responded at a moment’s notice to help serve and protect the communities in which they live.
Since before the Second World War, volunteer firefighters have been protecting residents and communities across Alberta with whatever manpower and know-how they had available. Times have changed. Today’s volunteer firefighters are provided with the highest level of training and utilize specialized equipment to keep you and your community safe.
In fact, 80 per cent of firefighters in Alberta are volunteers and there are over 450 volunteer- operated fire departments in Alberta.
What would happen if no one came when possibly the worst day of your life happened? Who would you turn to for help?
A major threat to providing emergency services is that volunteerism is dying and this is an issue we face within the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service. Lack of volunteers is also a financial problem which affects you. Rates to insure your home are based on various factors, including the emergency services available to you. Unfortunately, the area in which the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service always falls short is on the number of firefighters.
The Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service strives to provide first- class emergency services. Our volunteer firefighters dedicate their time and talents to respond to emergencies and increase the level of safety within our communities.
We are looking for dedicated individuals to carry forward a strong tradition developed over the past 50 years. If you share our passion, then this could be a rewarding experience for you. Become part of our dynamic team. Drop by the Fire Hall in your community to pick up an application package or visit www.md124.ca or www.slavelake.ca for more information.

Shawn Kearney
Deputy Chief Rural Operations
Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service


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