What would you do if you had 10 million dollars?

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

If the goal in a recent Lakeside Leader survey was to find common themes, it was a failure. On the other hand, responses to a question about what people would do if they won $10 million in the lottery were interesting for being all over the map.

They ranged from “nothing,” to quitting their work and moving to another continent. To each his or her own.

Those who would quit their jobs (assuming they have one) and those who wouldn’t were about even. Same goes for those who would leave the area and those who would stay. Some had already considered the question, as you would expect from a regular lottery player; others hadn’t.

“I’ve thought about this,” said one retired gent. “It wouldn’t change my lifestyle.” He said he’d only keep a million of the ten, giving the rest of it away to family members and healthy chunk to charity. Finally, he’d “start a big cribbage tournament with $20,000 in prizes.”

“Not a chance in hell!” said one respondent, emphatically, on whether she’d keep working. What she would do is spend more time with her remaining parent and pay off her house and car.

“No, I wouldn’t stay here,” said another fellow (retired). “I’d get a place someplace nice, but I’d keep a place here.”

Another person said she would “probably” keep working, but not where she is now.

“I would buy a house somewhere in the mountains, by the ocean, that you could only get to by helicopter.”

See you around then. Or maybe not.

“I’d probably get bored,” said another respondent (this would be after quitting her job). She’d also pay off debts and buy a house; then go on a nice vacation.

Another fellow said he’d keep working, at least for a while. He’d invest the money and help some people.

“It wouldn’t be an immediate lifestyle change,” he said.

Of course there’s always someone coming at it from right out of left field:

“I’d create a green burial business on a couple hundred acres and return it to forest by planting the departed’s favourite trees around their final resting place.”


Several respondents said they wouldn’t change much at all. They like what they’re doing and where they live, and $10 million wouldn’t tempt them to change much at all.

“Cash in the bank would be nice,” said one. “But other than that….”

Another fellow, who is pretty close to retirement age, says although he likes his job well enough he probably wouldn’t keep doing it. But he’d never stop working – building, fixing, puttering. Wouldn’t move either.

“I’ve been all over the world,” he says, “and like it here best.”

A certain municipal employee, although he likes it in the Lesser Slave Lake area well enough, would “quit my job in a heartbeat,” and move to England or Wales.

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