What your MLA has been up to lately

People talk about the Lesser Slave Lake MLA as if he is completely absent. That isn’t true, of course. He does attend the occasional event. For example, he laid a wreath at the High Prairie Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov. 11. On Nov. 12 he stopped by LSLRFS Hall #1 in Slave Lake to take a look at the new rescue boat, purchased recently with the aid of community donations.

Moving a bit further down his FB page, we find Mr. Rehn meeting with M.D. of Opportunity leaders to discuss addictions counselling, fishing, highways, clinics and caribou. In late October, there he is meeting with Chief Badger and council at Sucker Creek First Nation.

How this degree of presence in the riding compares with his predecessors, we’re not sure. What is certain is it’s a big riding, with all sorts of demands and keeping in touch and appearing in person is a big challenge. We wish him the best, of course.

What is different about the Rehn style of representation is that he relies heavily on social media to project a ‘presence’ in the riding. So do a lot of other people (depend on social media), so that should suit them just fine.

Others not so much. Nevertheless, agree or disagree, there is a decent record on there of what he has been up to.

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