Whitecap Rec no more, but repair shop continues under new name

Keel 2 Wheel started Nov. 1

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Don’t look for the name ‘Keel 2 Wheel’ just yet, but that is the name of the repair shop that used to belong to Whitecap Recreation. That company shut its doors last month after 26 years in business.

The closure would have resulted in mechanic Steve MacPherson being out of a job. He wanted to keep doing what he does, so he started his own company, rented the shop space from Whitecap Rec owner Adam Gongos and away he went.

“I started November 1,” he says. “I jumped at the opportunity.”

So far, so good, as well. MacPherson says he has some contracts with companies using a lot of off-highway equipment and he’s as busy as he can be. So far it’s just him, with occasional help from a part-timer, plus somebody who keeps the books from home.

MacPherson has been in the game for a long time – 37 years, to be exact. Hailing from the Nova Scotia fishing town of Havre Boucher, he says “I grew up on a boat.” That would have been his dad Sandy’s fishing boat. That’s the Sandy MacPherson, by the way, who caught a world-record tuna. Steve has the article on the wall of his shop.

Fixing boats was what he first learned to do. He’s expanded since into ATVs, snowmobiles and what have you. MacPherson worked in the shop for Gongos for the past six years or so. Gongos says MacPherson is the best tech he’s seen in over 20 years in business.

“He’s a great guy,” Gongos says, “and is making an investment into this community.”

The investment includes brand new diagnostic system, which MacPherson says he can hook up to your machine and find out exactly what’s up with it.
“I like Slave Lake,” says MacPherson. “It’s just big enough and not too big.”

Keel 2 Wheel owner Steve MacPherson, surrounded by the tools of the trade.

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