Widewater Sports post-mortem: pretty wet, but some good ball games

60th annual is next

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

As reported last week, the senior men’s baseball tournament at Widewater Sports Days was called off due to lousy conditions. The idea when a game was suspended Saturday evening was that it would be finished off Sunday and the rest of the tournament completed. But it was raining just as hard Sunday morning and that was the end of that.

“The pitcher’s mound was falling apart,” says organizer Harry Bartlett. “And the home plate area was a mess.”

Bartlett figures in hindsight the thing should have been stopped earlier and those two spots tarped. But the teams were keen to keep going. As it turned out, that contest between the Dirt Bags and Edson was 14 – 10 for the Bags when it was stopped.

Earlier, Brayden Stasow drove in the winning run in extra innings to give the Barrhead Orioles an 8 – 7 victory over the Slave Lake Cardinals. Earlier still, the Orioles had beaten Edson 10 – 0. On the Friday night the Dirt Bags beat the Cardinals 6 – 2.

So no champion in men’s ball for 2018. Bartlett says it’s the fifth rain-out in the 19 years the Ann Bartlett Memorial Trophy has been handed out.

No little rain shower was stopping the two slowpitch tournaments. On the competitive side, the Blue Crew beat LTA Cree 13-12 with a seventh-inning rally. Five teams took part in the tournament.

Six teams took part in the non-competitive slowpitch tournament. The final was scheduled for about 5:30 p.m. on the Sunday and by that time it had been raining for a few hours and it was getting heavier. Bartlett says he offered the two teams in the final the option of splitting the $1,000 available down the middle and they could play the game in better conditions back home in Valleyview (they were both from that area). But no, they preferred slug it out in the rain for the chance at an extra $100. That resulted in the Sturgeon Lake Knights defeating the Night Howlers.

Next year will be the 60th anniversary of Widewater Sports and Bartlett says it’ll be a special one, with plans already afoot for extra features.

Brayden Stasow scores for Barrhead.

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