Wildfire display items go back to their contributors

Leader staff

One of the more interesting displays in the lobby of the Legacy Centre in Slave Lake was entitled ‘Memories of Fire.’ Behind glass were several fire-damaged items found in the wreckage of homes burned in the 2011 wildfire disaster. Those items have now been returned to their owners, and the FireSmart Committee got hold of The Leader recently to express its gratitude to the folks who contributed them.
“These items have found their way home after a year and a half of being on display at the Legacy Centre,” said FireSmart Coordinator Brandy Walters in an email to The Leader. “We were very honoured to be entrusted with these delicate objects and send thanks to those who shared such personal treasures with the community.”
The items were put on display in June of 2016, when the Legacy Centre opened. They included a shadow box of melted aluminum (Len and Nicola Ramsey), golf clubs, license plate, burnt paper from a book, a glass cup, a ladle and a hockey mask (Chantal Tkach), a china cup and a bird feeder (Corinna Horsman), a jingle bell (Linda Brewer) and a porcelain Nativity scene (Karen Scharf).
Replacing the items in the display case will be a feature on the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service. Walter says, the Legacy lobby displays serve an educational purpose, and are “about what you can do to make your home safer from wildfire and how to build an evacuation plan and kit for yourself and your family.”

A ‘puddle’ of aluminum in a shadow box, contributed by Len and Nicola Ramsey of Slave Lake. It hung with other items in a display case in the Legacy Centre for the past 18 months. The items were salvaged from the 2011 wildfire.

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