Wind and solar power plan is madness: consumer will pay

To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago our NDP government in Alberta put into our mailboxes a pamphlet telling us that electricity prices are going up and that they will subsidize our power bills above a certain rate of charge.

This political announcement begs the question as to how does the government know that power prices are going to go up?

The reason they know is because their government policy will be the cause of the increase.

The province has increased the carbon tax again, which will affect power prices. The carbon tax is the same thing as a sales tax. So, for the first time in 113 years, Alberta has a sales tax, thanks to the NDP.

The next move to raise power prices is that they are forcing our power plants that produce electricity to stop burning coal as fuel. Coal is Alberta’s most abundant and cheapest fuel, yet the government is forcing it to shut down. This action alone will help drive power prices sky high, and the taxpayer will get stuck with it.

The NDP government plans to force our power system to accept wind and solar power generation. This will be a wild eco-radical dream come true, which the eco-radicals can celebrate with legal marijuana in July.

In Ontario, the Liberals forced the power system to accept wind and solar generation. Since there is no profit in wind or solar, as they cost so much, Ontario had to pay a subsidy to do it, footed by the taxpayers. Even then power bills went through the roof, and it has become an election issue.

Solar and wind power cannot be done on a large scale without a huge cost to consumers. Why do we even look at these things when we have all the fuel in the world to produce power? We have natural gas, oil and coal.

The wind does not blow at 30 to 40 below zero; the sun does not shine in winter gloom.

The whole plan about wind and solar is madness and will stick it to the taxpayers

Quo vadis, Domine?

Brian Pitcairn
Slave Lake

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