Women’s Day brunch brings back goals and dreams

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Northern Haven Support Society held its annual ‘Brunch with the Girls’ event on March 11. It was in support of International Women’s Day on March 8. The event was held at TA’s Asian Grill and Steakhouse in Slave Lake.

Shelly May Ferguson, Executive Director for Northern Haven Support Society, said this was the biggest event to date as 90 women came out.

The event was not only a brunch, but also a silent auction, showcasing various items and baskets designed for women.
“Although there was a silent auction it was not really a fundraiser, more of a celebration and public awareness,” said Ferguson.

Lori Whitby, the Board Chair for Northern Haven, brought in guest speaker Michelle Hanson Cunningham, a social worker for the Alberta Government and motivational speaker from Joussard Alta.

Cunningham said she had been given the opportunity to come to Slave Lake, and be apart of the Women’s Winter Wellness day back in January.

She had the chance to open the wellness day with a prayer and talk about her passion for the medicine wheel.

The Winter Wellness day was the first public speaking engagement that Cunningham had done. At the Brunch, Cunningham talked about dreams. What dreams and goals do you visualize?, what is blocking you from taking that step to the next level?, where are you going and what do you need to get there? Walking in paths of women before us and leaving a trail for the sisters behind us. What inspires you to reach your next dream?

“What better way to celebrate then here with such an amazing cause of the Northern Haven Support Society,” said Cunningham. In the last year or so Cunningham said there has been more and more interest in having her come and talk to women.

“I am really honoured, to be able to talk about something that I am so passionate about.”

Cunningham hopes women left the event feeling a little more aware of what their dreams, and goals are and what they need to do. Cunningham thinks too many times women get dis-empowered.

Michelle Cunningham

Guest speaker Michelle Hanson Cunningham from Joussard Alta., Board Chair for Northern Haven Lori Whitby, Executive Director for Northern Haven Shelly May Ferguson and Outreach Worker for Northern Haven Tracy Leggett at the Brunch With the Girls event in support of International Women’s Day on the weekend Sunday, March 11.

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