Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 29 – Hunting season

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

People hunt for a variety of reasons. Canada attracts hunters from different countries to enjoy its unique experience. Whether you hunt or not, today’s Spanish lessons will provide you with some vocabulary that you can use when you are in the forest looking for wild creatures to observe or hunt.

Cazar – (Kah-sahr)
This is the verb for hunting.
When talking with a friend about your hunting plans you can say “Voy a cazar” to say “I am going hunting.”

If you would like to be specific about the animal you are going hunting you can add one of these words:

Alce (ahl-seh) Moose
“Voy a cazar un alce” (I am going moose hunting)

Venado (beh-nah-doh) Deer
“Voy a cazar un venado” (I am going deer hunting)

Oso (oh-soh) Bear
“Voy a cazar un oso” (I am going bear hunting).

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