Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 32: Family – Part 1

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Today you will learn vocabulary about family members. When you visit or call your loved ones, you can practice these words.

Mamá (mah-Mah)
This word has probably similar spelling and pronunciation in several languages. It means Mom. Sometimes you will hear Spanish native speakers saying “Mami” to say mommy.

Papá (pah-Pah)
This is the word for Dad. Both mamá and papá words have the stress on the last syllable (indicated by the capital consonant).

Hermano (ehr-mah-noh)
When calling your brother you can say “hermano.” If you have a sister, you will call her “hermana.”
In Spanish, the letter “h” is silent. When pronouncing the word hermano, pretend the “h” is not there.

Abuelo (Ah-bweh-loh)
It means grandfather. As we mentioned above, if you want to say “grandmother” you change the “o” for an “a”: “abuela.”

Familia (fah-mee-lyah)
This is the word for family. “Mi familia” means “My family.”

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