Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 32 Family – Part 2

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Spending time with our families is something that most people enjoy. Birthday parties, dinners, holidays; any other occasion can be a good opportunity to share some time with our loved ones. Canadian or Latin-American, big or small, close or far, every family has certain and unique codes that are recognized by its members. Even families from the same country and culture have their own values and ways of communicating. In this lesson, you will learn two important family phrases that are used in every culture.

Amo a mi familia – (ah-moh ah mee fah-mee-lyah)
When talking about your love for you family, you can say “Amo a mi famlia” to say “I love my family.”
You could also use one of the words from last week instead of the word family: Mama, papa, hermano… “Amo a mi mama”, “Amo a mi hermano”, “Amo a mi papa.” Have fun with the language! By practicing out loud and combining words you will improve your Spanish.

Extraño a mi familia (ehks-trah-nyoh ah mee fah-me-lyah)
And finally, when we can’t see our family and we miss them. We say “Extraño a mi famiia” to say “I miss my family.”

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