Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 34: Cheer up!

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

When we are tired of life situations, work problems, health concerns or family stress, we usually look for things, words or people that help us or encourage us to go forward.
Today, you will learn two expressions that you can use to reinforce confidence and hope.

Tú puedes (too pweh-dehs)
This means “You can do it.”
If you would rather say, “I can do it” you can say “Yo puedo.”

Ánimo (ah-nee-moh)
We use this expression to cheer up someone.
“Ánimo, tú puedes” means “Come on, you can do it” or “Ánimo amigo” to say “Cheer up buddy!”

Singing is an excellent way to learn a language. It can help you to remember Spanish vocabulary and practice pronunciation. ‘Color Esperanza’ is a beautiful song that encourages everyone to see life through “the colour of hope.” Singer Diego Torres is an Argentine artist. The Song is on YouTube.

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