Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 35 – Merry Christmas!

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Christmas is a vibrant celebration in Spain and Latin-American countries. For many families in Spanish speaking countries Christmas means family, faith, food and happy times.
Festivities start a few days before Christmas. In Latin-America, Christmas Eve is a bigger celebration than Christmas Day. Families gather on this night (December 24th) and wait until midnight to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They eat, sing, dance and play games while waiting.
At midnight, Christmas is celebrated with fireworks. Gifts are exchanged on that night too. Christmas Day is a holiday and families will gather again for another family meal at lunch time that is usually the leftovers from the night before.
Although Latin American countries and Spain share many identical traditions, there are still differences and unique celebrations between individual countries.

Here are two Christmas expressions that you could practice this season:

Felices Fiestas (feh-lee-sehs Fyehs-tahs)
This means Happy Holidays. You can use it in the same context you use “Happy Holidays.”
Feliz Navidad (Feh-lees Nah-bee-dahd)
It means Merry Christmas. You might have heard this expression in a song before.

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