Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 37: How do you like your coffee?

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

People that work in a non-touristic coffee shops don’t usually speak English.
How would you order a coffee with cream and no sugar?
Today, you will learn some basic vocabulary when ordering coffee.

Café con leche. (kah-feh kohn leh-cheh)
This means coffee with milk. The word “con” means “with.” Café con leche is the closest equivalent you will find to a latte.
If you like cream in your coffee instead of “leche” (milk), you can say “Café con crema” (kah-feh kohn kreh-mah).

Café negro (kah-feh neh-groh)
If you like black coffee, you can ask for a “café negro.”

Azúcar (ah-soo-kahr)
This is the word for sugar. You can ask for coffee “con azúcar” (with sugar) or “sin azúcar” (without sugar). The word “sin” means “without.”

Like in English, you can be very specific when asking for a coffee in Spanish.
“Café con leche y con azúcar” (coffee with milk and with sugar) or “Café negro sin azúcar” (black coffee with no sugar).

Carajillo (kah-rah-hee-yoh)
Would you like some alcohol in your coffee?
Ask for a “carajillo.” This is popular in Spain and several Latin American countries. This drink is espresso served with rum, brandy or Licor 43, depending on the country.

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