Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 38: Staying warm

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

How do you stay warm during winter? Do you have a special drink? Do you light up your fireplace? In today’s lesson, you will learn expressions that you can use this winter.

Prende la Chimenea (prehn-deh lah chee-meh-ne-ah). Chimenea means fireplace. When you want to ask someone to light the fireplace you can say “Prende la chimenea.”
Chocolate caliente (choh-koh-lah-teh kah-lyenh-teh). This means hot chocolate. In previous, lessons you learned the expression “Me gustaría” (I would like to). You can create a full sentence and say “Me gustaría un chocolate caliente” (I would like a hot chocolate).
Necesito un cobertor (neh-seh-see-toh uhn koh-behr-tohr). Cobertor means blanket and necesito means I need. The expression means I need a blanket. The verb necesitar (to need) could be combined with other nouns. You could use nouns you have learned the past few weeks and say “Necesito un café” (I need a coffee) or “Necesito un abrazo” (I need a hug).

Winter phrases from previous lessons:
Tengo frio (I am cold).
Prende la chimenea, por favor (Turn the fireplace on, please).
Necesito un cobertor y un chocolate caliente (I need a blanket and a hot chocolate).

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