Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 40: Spanish Exclamations! Part 2

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Last week, you learned some exclamatory phrases. Some of these expressions are emphasized with non-verbal communication: face and hand gestures. Today, you will learn three other exclamation phrases.

¡Que barbaridad! (keh bahr-bah-ree-dahd)
Literally means how barbaric! In the English context it would translate as – how awful! When we hear about a bad car accident we can say ¡Que barbaridad!.

¡Que bonito! (keh boh-nee-toh)
This means how beautiful! We usually use it when we see a beautiful garden, sunset or something we like. ¡Que bonito amancer! (What a beautiful sunrise!). If you go for a hike and you stop at a beautiful viewpoint you can say ¡Que bonito! (How beautiful!).

¡Orale! (oh-rah-leh)
This is a popular Mexican phrase. It has several meanings depending on the context.

  1. It is used to encourage someone to do something. A similar expression in English is – hurry up! Or let’s go!
  2. It is also used to express surprise. When someone tells you that they bought a new car, you can say ¡Orale! It is similar to – wow – in English.

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