Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 46: Turn it on

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Turn the TV on and turn the lights off, please! Do these expressions sound familiar to you? You have probably asked your partner or your kids to turn on or turn off something at home.
Today’s lesson will explain two verbs that are used with the phrases mentioned above.

Apagar – (ah-pah-gahr)
Apagar is a verb and it means to turn off. It is used when you want to ask someone to turn off electronic devices, fireplaces, stoves or lights. In Spanish we say “apaga _” the blank space must be fill with the object you want to turn off. Here are some words you could add if you need to ask someone to turn something off: “Apaga la television” (Turn the tv off), “Apaga la luz” (Turn off the light), “Apaga la estufa” (Turn the stove off).

Prender (prehn-dehr)
This verb means to turn on. When asking someone to turn on something, you can use the verb prender. “Prende la chimenea” (Turn on the fireplace), “John prende la luz por favor” (John, turn the light on, please) or “Susie prende la laptop por favor” (Susie, turn on the laptop, please).

Now is your turn to practice these two verbs with a friend, a spouse or a colleague. What do you need to turn off today?

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