Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 47: Spring cleaning – Part 1

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

In Canada, spring is the perfect time to scrub, sweep and store away your winter stuff for another year.
In many countries in Latin-America people do not have a spring-cleaning time. Deep cleaning usually happens the first days of January when people want to have a fresh start and they do that cleaning with their houses and their life in general.

What do they do during the spring in Mexico, in Central America or in Colombia?

It is beach time! Weather is getting hotter; then, people use spring break to go to the beach.

But we are in Slave Lake, and we need to wait a little longer before being able to go to the beach. Thus, let’s learn some Spanish vocabulary about cleaning.

Limpiar – (leem-peeahr)
You want to remember this verb when you start cleaning your house. It means “to clean”. You can say “Voy a limpiar” to say “I’m going to clean”. You can also be more specific and say what you are going to clean:

La casa (lah kah-sah)
This means “the house”. “Voy a limpiar la casa” (I am going to clean the house).

La cocina (lah ko-see-nah)
It means “the kitchen”. You can also say “Voy a limpiar la cocina” (I’m going to clean the kitchen)
Think about these phrases when cleaning your house and try to practice out loud.

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