Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 22 – School part 2

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Spanish language arts in Mexico and Latin American countries includes learning about public speaking through poetry. At a very young age, children are introduced to poetry as part of their education. Students memorize poems and recite them at school festivals and local contests with other schools.
Today, you will learn three new words and how to put them in a sentence.

Maestro – mah-ehs-troh
This word means teacher. It is used to refer to a male teacher. If you have a female teacher you should say “maestra.”

Poema – poh-eh-mah
This means poem. You can say “Me gusta este poema” to say “I like this poem.”

Aprender – ah-prehn-dehr
This is the verb “to learn.” If you want to put together school vocabulary from last week and this week you could say: “En clase vamos a aprender este poema,” it means “In class, we’re going to learn this poem.”
The poem below was written by Jose Martí, a Cuban poet and leading figure in Latin American literature.

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