Word of the Week Spanish Lesson

Week 23 – Fall season 1

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Fall season in Canada is brief but amazing! Many Latin American countries don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful colours we have in Canada during the fall. In many Spanish speaking countries, hot weather is predominant all year around and tropical vegetation stays mostly green too.
Here are great words and phrases related to Autumn.

Otoño – (oh-toh-nyoh)
This is the word for fall/autumn. In Spanish, we have the consonant “Ñ” (eh-nyeh) and, we sometimes say it is the consonant “n” with a moustache.

El Otoño esta aqui – (Ehl oh-toh-nyoh ehs-tah ah-kee)
This is the expression to say “Fall is here.”

Me encanta el Otoño – (Meh ehng-kahn-tah ehl Oh-toh-nyoh)
Another fall phrase to express you love this season. It means “I love fall.”

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