Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson

Week 24 – Fall season 2

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Don’t you love fall colours? It is beautiful to drive around and enjoy gold and red trees.
Today you will learn some fall colours in Spanish.

Amarillo (ah-mah-ree-yoh) – Yellow

Rojo (rroh-hoh) – Red

Naranja (nah-rahng-hah) – Orange

Now, you can play with these words and the past lessons vocabulary. When going for a walk, try to practice the following expressions:

Mira las hojas amarillas y rojas (mee-rah lahs oh-hahs ah-mah-ree-yahs ee rroh-hahs)
This means “Look at the yellow and red leaves.”

Me gusta el árbol naranja (meh goos-tah ehl ahr-bohl nah-rahng-hah)
If you want to say “I like the orange tree” you can say “Me gusta el árbol naranja.”

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