Word of the Week: Spanish Lesson Week 25

Let’s watch a movie!

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

Do you associate movies with popcorn? Who doesn’t? Nowadays, we wouldn’t picture a movie theatre without popcorn. Did you know that Mexican movie theatres have a station with a spicy salsa to add to your popcorn? Ooh yes, they do! They also offer other popcorn options: popcorn with cheese, popcorn with chili tajin, popcorn with ketchup, popcorn with jalapeños and you can even request to combine those options. Mexicans like to experiment with flavors.
Let’s take a look at the following vocabulary.

Película – (peh-lee-koo-lah)
This is the word for movie.

Vamos a ver una película (vah-mohs ah vehr u-nah peh-lee-koo-lah)
This is the expression to use when you want to tell someone “Let’s watch a movie.”

Palomitas de maíz – (pah-loh-mee-tahs deh mah-ees)
It means popcorn. This is a long phrase if you compare it to the english word, right? Sometimes we only say “palomitas” to say “popcorn.”

Quiero palomitas – (kee-eh-roh pah-lohmee-tahs).
To express you want popcorn you can say “Quiero palomitas” – I want popcorn.

‘Palomitas’ con salsa!

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