Word of the Week – Spanish Lesson Week 5: Expressing emotions, Part 1

When travelling to a Spanish speaking country, people will have many opportunities to express emotions of our experiences there. Here are a few words to properly express yourself in the different context.

Estoy feliz (ehs-toy feh-lees)
When you want to express happiness, you will say Estoy Feliz. It is used for special moments and it means “I am happy”. If you just got a promotion or you become an aunt/uncle, you can say Estoy Feliz.

Estoy emocionado ( ehs-toy emoh-syoh-nah-doh)
This expression is a little more intense. It means “I am exited”.
Estoy emocionado corresponds to male gender. If you are a woman you will say: Estoy emocionada.
As a rule, words ending in “o” are masculine and words ending in “a” are feminine.

Me gusta (meh-goos-tah)
This is a very useful expression and very common for Spanish speakers. You will use Me gusta when you want to say you like something. It means “I like it”. If you are shopping around and you see something that you like, you can say Me gusta.

Lili Normand
Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

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