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Cree lesson Week: 1 Animals

From Delores Cox, Cree Language Program Specialist with KTCEA

Animals in Cree: Atim = dog, Minos = cat, Wapos = rabbit, Moswa = moose, Mostos = cow
Kee Tas Kee Now Education Authority (KTCEA) recently released a free Cree language app called “KTCEA Elders Speak”. It is the education authority for five Cree First Nations north of Slave Lake. These are Loon River, Woodland Cree, Lubicon Lake Band, Whitefish Lake and Peerless Trout First Nations.
All of the First Nation bands around Lesser Slave Lake are Cree.

Spanish Lesson Week 4: Congratulations

From Lili Normand, Expresiones: Spanish Language and Mexican Arts

There are occasions when we want to say congratulations to someone such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new job, etc.
Felicidades (feh-lee-see-DAH-dehs)
It means Congratulations. This expression is often use on birthday, wedding, birth of a child, new year, to wish happines. You can also say Muchas Felicidades (big congratulations).
Salud (sah-LOOD)
Salud comes from the Latin salus, meaning “health”, “wealth” and “security”. Salud is used to say Cheers! (to your health) when toasting drinks.
Estoy feliz por ti (ehs-TOY feh-LEES pohr tee)
This expression means “I am happy for you.” Like in English, we use it when we want to tell someone we are happy for them. We are happy for their achievement, birth of their child, promotion, new home.
Don’t be shy. Use these expressions next time you congratulate your Spanish speaking friend.

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