Yes, we do need to be self-sufficient in energy

RE: A made-in-home solution, by Mac Olsen
May 17 Lakeside Leader

Mac, I hate to say it but you do have a point. We do need to be energy self sufficient.
To me, that means not shipping the oil down south for cut prices. You may not like ‘green’ but you may just have to adjust. Having a hissy fit over Jane Fonda coming up and bestowing her grace and wisdom on us is a little late. She returned to her world months ago. Easy enough done when you don’t have to live with the idea that you can just shut down an entire industry.
You seem to find a lot of things immoral or hypocritical. What would I do? Research geothermal, wind, and even wood. Cleaner burning technologies for the oil we do use.
They might even use the carbon tax revenue to fund the conversion to alternative energies. Like actual solar panels and such.
The idea that energy- efficient light bulbs will keep me happy when in the summer over 80 per cent of my power bill is service charges is a little optimistic on the government’s part.
Have a better day than you did when you were venting.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie.

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