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Did you know you can subscribe to an electronic version of the Lakeside Leader? Not many people (so far) have taken advantage of this option, but there’s one fellow in town who made a point of asking about it. He’s had a similar subscription for the past few years to his home town paper and likes the convenience. So now he gets The Leader as well and has mentioned more than once how he appreciates it.

Well, it is good to have options!

Another one is the traditional subscription for the paper copy, which will arrive in your mailbox. There’s something nice about that as well.

Otherwise, it can be purchased at many of the stores around town. It is available for free to M.D. property owners, per an arrangement we have with the M.D. of Lesser Slave River. There are spots for pick-up at Smith, Flatbush, Canyon Creek and Marten Beach. Some M.D. residents also pick up their copy at The Leader office.

Times have been better in the newspaper business, no question. But when the job is done well, there is still no credible alternative, news-wise. Being able to continue to provide the services depends to a very large degree on advertising. Just so you know….

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